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Ned is Running the Newport Marathon!

Meet Ned. Ned is a member of Back on My Feet Boston and Ned is Stride for Stride’s FIRST sponsored runner!

Ned has been running 10 miles every run in anticipation of his first marathon and Stride for Stride is beyond excited to purchase Ned’s race bib for the Newport Marathon on Saturday, April 13th in Newport, RI. Crush it Ned!

Thanks to your support Ned gets to run his first marathon. Stride for Stride is also purchasing 5 race bibs for Back on My Feet members to run the Super Sunday 5-Miler on February 3rd. Every $35 raised is a bib for Super Sunday.

Thank you for your support; 30% from every sale at Stride for Stride supports our mission of purchasing race bibs for low-income runners. And, you can also donate directly to the Stride for Stride Foundation at Thank you all!!

- Tom

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