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Half Marathons in Massachusetts

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Massachusetts has a ton of half-marathons to run each year starting in late-February and ending in early December. There are a bunch of others to choose from, but here are a few of our favorite half-marathons in Massachusetts and Boston.

Hyannis Half Marathon

Sometimes it snows. Sometimes it rains, and sometimes it's warm. You never know what you'll get at the Hyannis Half Marathon, but it's a great warm-up to the new running season and the Boston Marathon.

Date: Late February

Malden Half Marathon

March 10, 2019 is the first running of this new half-marathon from Cambridge 5K. Known for great races, great swag, and crazy after-parties, this inaugural running of the Malden Half Marathon will likely be more of the same greatness.

Date: Early March

Fool's Dual Half Marathon

YuKan hosts about 10 half-marathons per year, and the Fool's Dual Half Marathon is the first one of the season. Falling on, or around, April 1st (so the name), the Fool's Dual Half Marathon runs 13.1 miles along the beautiful coast of Gloucester, Mass.

Date: Early April

Boston's Run to Remember

The Boston Run to Remember Half Marathon (5-miler too) is held every year on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. It's a great (and fast) course through the City of Boston and along Memorial Drive in Cambridge. There are usually over 10,000 runners so it does get crowded at the start, but once you hit Beacon Street you'll be able to hit your stride.

Date: Memorial Day Weekend

B.A.A. Half Marathon

Not only is the B.A.A. Half more difficult than I always remember - those final two miles along the golf course - but it's also the last race of the B.A.A. Distance Medley, which includes their 5K in April, and 10K in June. The B.A.A. Half starts and ends in Boston's Franklin Park and makes its way down the Emerald Necklace into the Fenway and Brookline.

Date: Mid-October

Howling Wolf Half

The Howling Wolf Half Marathon is a great race from RaceCancer that also begins & ends in a zoo - Stone Zoo in Stoneham, Mass. The Howling Wolf Half is a challenging course with tons of hills, but thankfully you also get to run down those hills.

Date: Late October

Cambridge Half

The Cambridge Half is/was a great half-marathon that runs through the City of Cambridge. Organized by Cambridge 5K, this race ran in 2016 and 2017, but was postponed in 2018. Here's hoping it returns in 2019 and beyond.

Date: Mid-November

Charles River Half

Another half-marathon from RaceCancer is the Charles River Half - a 2.6 mile loop around the Charles River starting from Artesani Park in Brighton. Some might not like the 5 loops, but it's a fast course, and one of the few half-marathons in the City of Boston.

Date: Mid-November

Happy Holidays Half-Merrython

YuKan's Half-Merrython is usually one of the last half-marathons of the season before we take two months of for "winter break - unless, of course, you're training for Boston. The Half-Merrython is another beautiful 13.1 miles course along the coast of Gloucester, which can either be beautiful or bitterly cold in December.

Date: Early December

Also, read our list of 5K and 10K in Massachusetts

Stride for Stride believes everyone should have an equal-opportunity to run. If you, or someone you know, wants to run a half-marathon, but can't afford to do so, then please contact us - we'll buy your bib.

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