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Stride for Stride is a non-profit running organization that buys race bibs for immigrant, BIPOC, and low-income runners - our goal is to make races more accessible and more diverse. 


There's no reason why money should prevent you from getting to the starting line, especially when crossing the finish line could change your life. 


Stride for Stride launched in November 2018 and since then we’ve grown to a team of 378 runners from 26 countries; Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Taiwan, Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Turkey, and the U.S.


Tom O'Keefe, Founder of Stride for Stride

"Stride for Stride is more than just running. Crossing the finish line gives people hope, empowerment, a sense of belonging, and pure joy."

202 Washington Street

Suite #316

Brookline, MA 02445

The Stride for Stride Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity.


EIN: 83-2949347

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