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1,000 Miles: Stride for Stride's First Year in Review (2019)

On November 26, 2019, Stride for Stride will celebrate our one year anniversary. Stride for Stride was founded on the simple mission of buying race bibs for those who can’t afford to run - our goal is to increase diversity in races and to make races more accessible to lower incomes.

In our first year we ran some impressive numbers.

In year one we sponsored 29 runners for a total of 118 races - that’s a total of 997.3 miles for people who couldn't afford to run otherwise.

43 of those races were half-marathons and marathons - we have two sub-3 hour marathoners (one female, one male), and one sub 1:25 half marathoner on Team Stride for Stride. Our runners are good. Very good!

Most Popular Race Distances for Team Stride for Stride in 2019;

  1. 36 5Ks

  2. 35 Half Marathons

  3. 18 10Ks

  4. 8 Marathons

  5. 6 10-Milers

31 of the 118 races in 2019 were run by females.

In 2019, Stride for Stride showed up big for the Providence Marathon + Half, the BAA 10K, BAA Half Marathon, Baystate Marathon + Half, and the Cambridge Half Marathon. Next year, we have one runner running the 2020 Boston Marathon.

15 of the 29 runners are active Team Stride for Stride runners - this means they ran numerous races with Team Stride for Stride in 2019.

13 of our 15 active runners are immigrants from Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brazil, Cuba, and Jamaica.

11 of our active runners live in Boston, 3 live in sunny Miami, and one resides in South Carolina.

Or 5 most active runners ran a total of 62 races (613.65* miles) with Team Stride for Stride in 2019.

Our 5 Most Active Runners;

  1. Estuardo - 17 races (145.65 miles)

  2. Kalliman - 12 races (143.4* miles)

  3. Jessica - 12 races (134.3 miles)

  4. Douglas - 12 races (108.1 miles)

  5. Ned - 9 races (82.2 miles)

And, in 2019 we had the pleasure of supporting a Nicaraguan running club - a team that we'll continue to support in 2020 and beyond.

* Includes the 2020 Boston Marathon, which was purchased in September 2019.

Stride for Stride

Stride for Stride was founded in November 2018 to give everyone an equal opportunity to run. Races are expensive and there’s no reason why money should prevent someone from getting to the starting line. Therefore, Stride for Stride was founded on the simple mission of buying race bibs for those who can’t afford to run and helping to increase diversity in races.

The Stride for Stride Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity. You can support our mission by purchasing our running apparel, making a donation, or running a race in support of us - we'll purchase your race bib in return for a $500 fundraising minimum. Contact us if interested.

Estuardo completing his first marathon - the Baystate Marathon

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