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Neck Gaiters for Runners

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Stride for Stride is a running organization that buys race bibs for immigrant, BIPOC and low-income road runners - our goal is to make races more accessible and more diverse. 100% of proceeds from sales support Stride for Stride's mission. 

Team Stride for Stride is from Jamaica, Chile, Cuba, Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Nigeria, and the United States. 

Meet our Runners

About Running Neck Gaiters

The neck gaiter has been a popular running accessory for years. Neck gaiters keep runners warm in the winter and protected from the sun in the summer. During the winter, neck gaiters cover your neck (neck warmer) and face (face mask) during those frigid winter runs. And, in the summer neck gaiters keep your neck protected from sunburn when you’re on a Saturday morning long run. Stride for Stride’s neck gaiters have an SPF of 50+ and blocks 98% of UVB rays. 

Neck gaiters are a closed tube of fabric – Stride for Stride’s neck gaiter is made from polyester and spandex – that you put on over your head. Around the neck (neckerchief) is the most popular way to wear a neck gaiter, but it’s also a versatile piece of clothing that runners can wear in numerous fashion. 

For example, a neck gaiter can also be worn as a headband (sweat band) on a hot summer day or a warm beanie (headgear) that keeps your head warm before you head out for a run on a cool morning. Then when you're warmed up, the neck gaiter can easily be pulled down around your neck, wrapped around your wrist as a wristband, or used as a hair tie for a ponytail. 


And the neck gaiter is light enough that it can easily and comfortably be tucked into your running shorts without causing distraction while running. 

Neck gaiters are one of the most versatile and popular items of clothing for runners. And, the Stride for Stride neck gaiter supports our mission of giving everyone an equal opportunity to run – 100% of the proceeds purchase race bibs for immigrant, black, and low-income runners. We believe everyone should have a chance at getting to the starting line. 

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