Stride for Stride  ruN Club

The Stride for Stride Run Club will resume once the coronavirus pandemic passes and we're free to run in groups again. 


Saturday morning long runs start at 8:30am from Washington Square and run out and back along the Boston Marathon course.

EVERYONE is welcome to join us for a fun and safe run to the Johnny Kelley Statue and back (9 miles) or the Newton Fire Station and back (13 miles). 


Sign up via the email form below so we can notify you when we start running again.

Be well. Stay safe. See you soon.

- Tom 

Stride for Stride

Thank you for running with

Stride for Stride!

Stride for Stride is a 501(c)(3) charity that buys race bibs for low-income runners. To support our mission: buy a running shirt, text STRIDE to 44-321 to donate via Apple Pay or donate online.