Stride for Stride was launched to give everyone an equal opportunity to run. In our first year we've sponsored an amazing group of runners from El Salvador, Cuba, Guatemala, Jamaica, Brazil, USA, and Nicaragua. Our first anniversary logo commemorates our runners and the countries they come from. In 2020 we're looking forward to adding many more flags to our logo and many more runners to our team.


'Flags of Team Stride for Stride' running shirts are made from 100% polyester quick dry fabric - they're great shirts. 


100% of proceeds from shirt sales support the Stride for Stride Foundation and our mission of buying race bibs for those who can't afford to run.


Stride for Stride believes EVERYONE should have an equal opportunity to run. Shirt purchases are a tax-deductible donation to the Stride for Stride Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) charity.


Use code "Run" for free shipping. 

Flags of Team Stride for Stride